Things to consider when choosing the right masonry contractor

Things easily overlooked

Brick and stone materials come with several advantages* and consequently, they are often used in construction.

Explain your project in as much detail as possible.


The company in question should then provide you with a precise estimate of the work.


When reviewing the estimate, there are several areas of note:


**Does the company use quality materials?


Is the clean-up and removal of leftover items and debris included in the estimate?


Make certain the clean up is included and you are happy with the materials used - and the supplier who is providing said materials.

*Shaw Brick - who is a major supplier of Briar has conducted a survey that shows that 89% of home buyers prefer masonry when purchasing a property.

**Full disclosure - Briar Masonry & Restoration uses two main companies for the products we use in our work and you can find out more about them in the menu listed under "Industry Partners"

Insurance & Guarantees

We can't stress this enough - make certain the company you choose to do business with is fully insured and follows all safety standards.

Do the companies in question offer any assurances and/or guarantees?


It is important to ensure that the chosen company guarantees the repair of any damages or substandard work - in writing.

As with the construction industry as a whole, masonry is governed by a number of standards and regulations.


Make sure the company you chose complies with all of them.

We see it as our responsibility to maintain our A+ rating with the BBB

A final piece of advice, but far from the least important, is to check the reputation of the company.


In the age of social networking, it is increasingly easy to check the reputation of professionals in the construction industry.


You should use all the tools and resources at your disposal to find out what kind of contractor you are dealing with.


If the contractor has a website, look for testimonials and comments from previous customers and read about past achievements of the masons who work there.


At the initial meeting with the masonry company, be sure to ask for references, and take the time to verify them.

Check out our facebook page.  A thumbs up from our clients means the world to us.